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Rollerskate Bearings

Rollerskate bearings are what makes the rollerskate wheels spin. There are two main different sizes to rollerskate bearings: 7mmand 8mm with a few exceptions. Either bearing fits in the rollerskate wheel; however, the axle is what determines the size of thebearing. Another rating that bearings fall under is the ABEC rating which stands for Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee that worksto determine the standards for Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association. It is a rating for the accuracy and heat tolerances fordifferent bearings.There are several different types of bearings. Some bearings have removable rubber shields which allow for easycleaning and less rolling resistance such as the original Bones Swiss.


The Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings have a unique design that features 6 larger balls instead of 7 balls in the bearing. Which has an advantage of quicker acceleration, greater strength, and durability.

For a high quality type of bearing at a cheaper price are the Bones Reds which are manufactured in China.

The Bones Labyrinth bearings are made similar to the original Bones Swiss bearing but have an inner race and two labyrinth seals that cut down on friction.

The Bones Swiss Ceramics bearings are the best bearings because the ceramic balls are lighter, harder, stronger, waterproof, and longer lasting than steel balls.

Lynx performance bearings are chrome, oil-packed bearings that also include removable shields for easy cleaning and re-oiling. They come packed in a metal case to protect them during shipping. These bearings come in size 8mm only.

A complete line of bearings from Sure-Grip. Each of these are available in 7mm or 8mm.

Pink - The QUBE Pink bearing is a special bearing, a solid ABEC-5 rated bearing. This is a bearing that was designed to help the fight against breast cancer. Proceeds from this product go directly to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. This is an ABEC-5 rated bearing that will do just about anything you can throw at it, a perfect outdoor bearing. Help us support this worth while cause; everyone can help is some small way.

Juice - The QUBE Juice bearing was the first bearing to use QUBE 3D technology, we are confident that this bearing will not only make you roll faster but it won’t break the bank either. Skaters from around the country wanted a quality bearing that would help them compete on the national level. This bearing uses some of the technologies we developed in QUBE 3D along with “SSL” oil and a single Labyrinth seal. When choosing a bearing its important to have great roll but also to know what your up against, a perfect balance in roller skating.

Black (8 Ball) - The QUBE 8-ball bearing is patterned after the Fafnir bearing of the late 70s, using our 3D technology we have re-created this bearing for today's market using modern day technology. This bearing contains 8 balls instead of the traditional 7 which has many advantages. The additional ball allows the load to be spread out evenly over the entire bearing instead of just one or two points. The additional ball also gives the bearing greater lateral load capabilities while turning, an important aspect of quad skating that many overlook. Lateral load is the force created while turning; it’s the momentum that wants to push you off the track. Using an 8-ball bearing will help distribute the load evenly over the entire bearing, in essence making a stronger bearing laterally. Combined with a deeper groove this gives you the ability to skate into turns harder with no worry of bearing blow out. For over 30 years this type of bearing has been the skaters choice for speed, if maximizing your cornering speed is what you’re after then the QUBE 8-ball bearing is the right bearing for you.

Gold (Swiss) - The QUBE Gold bearing is the second bearing that we developed using this technology, this bearing uses what we call QUBE 3D SWISS technology which incorporates all we have learned in bearing design. Using our 3D modeling technology we have determined the perfect ball diameter, inner and outer wall thickness, and groove depth to ensure the best roller skating bearing on the market. Stronger steel is used here as well allowing a deeper groove to ensure less friction and faster roll. A special hard anodize process creates an even stronger steel while “SSL” oil and a double Labyrinth seal combine to make an even cleaner environment for a faster roll. The QUBE 3D SWISS is the fastest rolling bearing in our line and our most tested bearing as well.

Ceramic - The QUBE Ceramic bearing uses ceramic ball technology, the best bearings in the world use this same technology. Ceramic material can take more heat than conventional steel making them last longer and perform better under harsh conditions. This bearing is greased making it even more efficient at taking heat and makes the bearing last longer. Greased bearings also take less maintenance than standard oiled bearings, although free spin will be decreased which is not much of a factor since weight is applied to the bearing during skating. Ceramic material is also stronger than steel making them less susceptible to impact shock, a common cause of bearing failure. If these factors apply to you then the QUBE ceramic bearing is the perfect bearing for your skating style.





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