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Racing Skates

     Racing Skates can be for a fitness skater or a beginner speed skater. These skates come in a variety of styles. They can be used in the rink or on the road. They can be a way to get started into the world of inline speed. 

Vanilla XI Speed
Orig.: $199.00
Sale: $170.00
Vanilla Carbon
Orig.: $249.00
Sale: $199.00
Vanilla Loco Verde
Orig.: $279.00
Sale: $210.00
Alpha 125mm
Orig.: $219.99
Sale: $199.99
Alpha 110mm
Orig.: $199.99
Sale: $190.00

Contact:  S. Lee Enterprises, Inc.

                Steven Evans, President

                243 David Hall Road

                Dover, DE 19904

                email: rollerskatesupply@gmail.com

                phone : 1 (302) 670-2810