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Outdoor Skates

Outdoor rollerskating is how most skaters got started in rollerskating. Outdoor wheels can be added to just about any skate and used outdoors, but a few models work well for outside use.  The boots on these outdoor skates have extra padding to keep the feet warm in colder temperatures outside. The wheels on these skates are made softer or have a lower durometer rating of 88A or less. This makes the wheels grippy but slow as compared to a indoor wheel that with a durometer of 95A or more that is firm and fast, but slick.

Asphalt Junkie
Orig.: $139.00
Sale: $125.00
GT-50 Outdoor
Rebel Outdoor
Orig.: $263.00
Sale: $198.00
Boardwalk Colors
Orig.: $179.00
Sale: $165.00
1300 Super-X Motion
Orig.: $255.00
Sale: $210.00

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