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Roller Derby Skates

     Roller derby began in the 1930's and has been through many changes over the years. The sport has increased in popularity in the country. Because of the abuse that a skate goes through on a roller derby track, it has to be durable. In addition, the roller derby skate has to hold tight turns.

Orig.: $131.00
Sale: $115.00
Rock GT-50
Orig.: $114.00
Sale: $99.00
Orig.: $169.00
Sale: $135.00
Orig.: $239.00
Sale: $197.00
Orig.: $149.00
Sale: $125.00
Rebel Fugitive
Orig.: $170.00
Sale: $138.00
Public Enemy
Orig.: $229.00
Sale: $185.00
Orig.: $599.00
Sale: $450.00

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