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     Rollerskating is a great activity for children because it is a active sport. It allows children to have time away from their video games and exercise more than their fingers. In addition, rollerskating is one of the least expensive activities that children can do. The first pair of rollerskates for kids does not have to be a high performance pair of skates. They do not have to have a leather boot, high ABEC rating bearings, aluminum plate, and artistic wheels. Each one of these parts can add to the price of the rollerskate. Some professional skates can have custom made skate boots and cost close to a thousand dollars for the complete skate depending on the type of skating. Since children are still growing, they will outgrow the skate long before the skates wear out. It is usually better to teach children how to rollerskate in a indoor rink because of the smoother surface; however, some of the listed skates can be used both in a rink and out on a sidewalk. If the child wants to skate on the sidewalk, it is a good idea to wear some type of protective gear such as elbow and kneepads, and a helmet. 



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