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Tour Fish Bonelite-225

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Tour's all-new FB-225 is the perfect skate for getting into the sport of hockey.

Boots: Composite reinforced boots with Deluxe-Comfort padding, Quick-Drying lining, and reinforced ankle padding.

Frames: Tour aluminum Power Track Tri-Coil System.

Wheels: Tour Force Speed Formula Control Series Wheels.

               38TY Sm (64mm), 38TY Med (72mm), 48TY (72mm), 58TA 5-6 (76mm), 58TA 7-13 (80mm).

Bearings: Bevo Silver-5 race rated bearings (chrome).

Sizes: 38TY adjustable (small 11J-1, medium 1-4), 48TY (12J-4), 58TA(5-13)

Contact:  S. Lee Enterprises, Inc.

                Steven Evans, President

                243 David Hall Road

                Dover, DE 19904


                phone : 1 (302) 670-2810