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Speed Skates

Most speed skates have a short boot. The speed skates that are listed are from some of the well-known manufacturers, such as  Riedell, Labeda, Sure-Grip, Vanilla, Chicago, etc. These skates sometimes cost less as a complete package or they can be put together to form the exact combination of skate. Most of the roller skates listed on this page have double-actioned trucks, short boot, and a set of wide speed wheels.  

Bullet B100
Orig.: $73.00
Sale: $65.00
GTX-500 (P217)
Orig.: $79.00
Sale: $65.00
Rock GT-50
Orig.: $129.00
Sale: $98.00
Orig.: $149.00
Sale: $125.00
Even Steven
Orig.: $432.00
Sale: $350.00
Vanilla Sundae
Orig.: $859.00
Sale: $650.00
Killer Niller
Orig.: $714.00
Sale: $578.00
GT-50 Custom
Orig.: $189.00
Sale: $169.00
Rebel Twister
Orig.: $165.00
Sale: $135.00
Rebel Fugitive
Orig.: $179.00
Sale: $138.00
Orig.: $763.00
Sale: $536.00
Vanilla Junior
Orig.: $199.00
Sale: $175.00
Heart Throb
Orig.: $75.00
Sale: $65.00
Vibe Snap
Vibe Poison
Rock Expression
Sure-Grip GT50 Plus Light Up Skates
Orig.: $150.00
Sale: $125.00
Vanilla Code Red Skates
Orig.: $199.00
Sale: $170.00

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